How am I different than the other candidates?

I’ve never run for, or held, any elected office, so I don’t approach this position the same way others do. My education and experience have taught me to be a creative problem solver. As an engineer, I have vast experience in infrastructure construction and maintenance. As an administrator and small-business owner, I have a strong understanding of budgeting and financial management. These are two very real needs for our community.

Furthermore, I believe in actions, not just words. My track record shows that. I worked to bring the trails system to our community, and to develop new roads like North First Street, Brown Boulevard, and South 13th Street. I have fought for taxpayers, speaking out against the disastrous sludge-to-diesel fiasco, the stormwater fee, the PILOT fee, and the new income tax.

I have been pursuing what is right for our community my entire professional life, not just in election years.

Why am I running as an independent?

No political party represents my beliefs or can lay claim to the best vision for our future. Many people feel the way I do, that no political party is a good fit for them. Most of us have difficulty even defining what the parties stand for any more. At the local level, the delivery of city services should always be non-partisan.

I have never been one to pledge blind loyalty to any person, organization or party. Unfortunately, the political parties, more and more, expect their candidates to conform strictly to their doctrines.

I want to work for you, not any political party.