Serving my community as a County Commissioner would be an honor and a good fit for my leadership skills and life experiences. According to the Vigo County website, “County Commissioners are empowered to set county policy, adopt laws, implement them, and, except for the responsibilities of other elected officials, carry out day-to-day operations of the County.” County Commissioners develop budgets, oversee spending, direct human resources including hiring, and oversee the maintenance of county parks, buildings, and infrastructure. 

I believe I am a strong candidate for this position, and I’d appreciate your consideration. Here are some reasons why:

  • I’ve lived in all three commissioner districts as well as in the country, the suburbs, and the city.  This gives me a broad perspective on how to best serve Vigo County residents. What works for urban residents may not work in rural areas, and vice versa. 
  • I’ve had a broad variety of life experiences in Vigo County.  I’ve been an engineer, both for the city and in private practice.  I’ve been the Chief Operating Officer for the Sisters of Providence.  My wife, Marti Livengood Goodwn, and I operated her family’s small farm in Nevins Township, where we were involved in 4-H, managed a flock of sheep, baled and sold hay to livestock owners, and planted over a thousand trees.  Since 2013, I have owned my own business, selling farm implements to customers all over the United States.
  • I have been active in a wide variety of organizations within the community for many years.  This has given me a deep understanding of our community’s assets as well as the challenges facing it.  Organizations with which I have been involved include:
    • Swope Art Museum Board
    • Vigo County 4-H Council
    • Wabash Valley Riverscape
    • Collett Park Neighborhood Association Board 
    • Rose-Hulman Civil Engineering Advisory Board
    • TREES Incorporated
    • Citizens for Better Government
    • Board of Sanitary Commissioners 
    • Area Plan Commission
    • Vigo County Taxpayers Association
    • Thralls Station Regional Sewer District Board
    • Society of Trashbaggers
    • 12-Points Revitalization Initiative Board
    • United Way Strong Neighborhoods Impact Council
  • District 2 includes the entire length of the Wabash River as it runs through our county. I have been an avid proponent of ensuring that this beautiful resource, while conserved, is used to its fullest potential for the economic and recreational benefit of our community. I have been a member of Riverscape since its inception in 2006 and worked to make the Wabashiki Wetlands a reality through a voluntary buy-out program for properties along the Wabash.
  • I am the only candidate who is a civil engineer. This gives me a very strong understanding of county infrastructure–roads, bridges, stormwater culverts, and so on.
  • As owner and president of my own business, Tractor Tools Direct, I possess many of the skills needed in county leadership. I manage contracts, finances, customer service, and a growing staff on a daily basis.