My platform and stances on local issues are as follows:

  • I believe in a high level of transparency and accountability in local government. 
  • I believe we should be concentrating on providing the best possible services at the lowest possible cost. 
  • I believe we should make decisions with the long-term implications in mind – rather than doing what’s easiest in the short term. 
  • I believe that local issues are non-partisan and require non-partisan solutions.  
  • Lastly, I believe we need better leadership in this community.

I have lived in Vigo County all of my life. I was educated here. I am raising 4 children and running a business here. Vigo County has all the ingredients for success. We have an ideal geographic location for economic development. We have four institutions of higher education. We have extensive and impressive arts and culture. We have lots of opportunities for outdoor recreation. We have amazing potential. I want to see us reach that potential. That is why I am running for Mayor.