What do I want to accomplish?

On day 1, I will begin addressing the following:

  1. Financial Stability. We will get the City’s finances back on track, without adding new taxes or fees. The current city budget is completely out of balance, with total spending increasing every year while basic services are neglected.

  2. Transparency. I will make city government’s business totally open to its citizens. Technology should make this easier than ever, yet more and more seems to be hidden from public view.

  3. Efficiency. I will seek opportunities to reduce cost and improve service to taxpayers. We’ll embrace technology. We’ll cooperate with other government agencies and share resources whenever possible. We’ll borrow the best ideas from successful communities. I will improve accountability, so that more gets done with the resources we have.

In short, I want to overhaul the way local government runs. Until we make significant strides in these three areas, city government will continue to be a drag on this community’s success.