What are my most urgent priorities once in office?

There are three things I will tackle immediately:

  • Financial health – I’ll get the city’s finances back on track – ending short term borrowing, restoring cash balances, and making sure vendors are getting paid on time.
  • Transparency – I will open up city government’s public records and meetings. All records will be on the website and all public meetings will be videoed.
  • Efficiency – I’ll look for every opportunity to reduce operational costs and increase value to taxpayers. That means using technology, combining departments with the county wherever practical, and setting a high expectation of employee performance and accountability.

In short, I want to overhaul the way local government runs. Until we make significant strides in these three areas, city government will continue to be a drag on this community’s success.

After these short term goals are reached, what are my longer term goals?

We need to invest in ourselves so that businesses and young people will want to invest in us. I will focus on:

  • cleaning up our city
  • improving roads and sidewalks
  • providing amenities that will attract that investment
  • supporting local arts and culture
  • providing incentives for small businesses and startups

To get our city moving in the right direction – toward long-term growth and prosperity, we need to “grow our own”. I want to see our children be the next generation of business owners in Terre Haute. Let’s work to encourage them to stay here.

I believe all of this can be done by re-prioritizing and re-allocating our current city revenues without adding new taxes and fees.