The following are three emails that were sent by Pat to supporters of his bid for Mayor in 2019.  The first was sent the day after his very narrow loss.  The recipients were close supporters of the campaign, who had dedicated time, energy, and financial resources to the cause.  The second and third emails were sent in the days leading up to the spring primary filing deadline.  These are exact transcripts of those emails, with no modification whatsoever.


On Nov 6, 2019, at 12:28 PM, Pat Goodwin wrote:

One last email


This is the last email from this address.

I want to tell you all how much it meant to have your support, your time, and your commitment over the last several months.  It was a fight worth fighting.  Perhaps we were engaged in an unwinnable battle, but your enthusiasm towards the cause gave me the energy and optimism I needed to make it to the end.

I want to clear up a few things, so I’m doing it here so maybe I won’t have to have these conversations multiple times.

First off, I will not be running for office again.  Please don’t ask me to give it some time before saying that, or try running as a democrat next time, or whatever else.

The truth is, I am not cut out for running for election to anything.  I don’t like campaigning, and I am not good at it.  In the end, I don’t really believe that a majority of the people will make a sound decision about who should be elected.  When the right person does get elected, it’s often for the wrong reasons.  Unfortunately, a majority of the people aren’t paying attention or just don’t give a damn.  If someone could appoint me mayor, that would be great.  But that ain’t gonna happen.  We are all going to have to move on.

Second, there won’t be any recount.  And I won’t be challenging faulty ballot boxes, or lost ballots, or a clerk with a conflict of interest, or anything else.  I don’t believe there is any chance of success, and in my opinion, the process is too divisive.  I’m not interested.

Third, it is going to take me some time to get over this.  I am a sore loser.  It is just my competitive nature I guess.  So I’m asking your forgiveness in advance if you don’t see me around much for a while or if I’m not the normal Pat you know when you do see me.  Know that each of you will always be special to me, because you stood by me even though you knew it was a long shot.  You stood for what you thought was right.  You were brave.  Thank you so much for that.

Terre Haute, unfortunately, is overrun with cowards.  Some cowards want you to succeed but aren’t willing to put any skin in the game to help.  I had literally hundreds of people who were rooting for me (very quietly), but never lifted a finger to assist.  If they had each just provided a little support, I would have won in a landslide.  The other kind of coward lobs grenades at you from a protected location, never willing to engage in a fair fight.  I don’t think I need to explain that one.

So I choose to stand with all of you.  And now that I am not running for office, I can also choose to ignore the cowards.  I will go on with my life, and it will be a wonderful, happy life.  I am so lucky to have a perfect, amazing family, especially Marti, who has put up with me and stood by my side through all this. And believe me, that was a challenge at times. I have a successful business where I get to work with people I genuinely like. And I will have many more exciting adventures in the future.  Just not running for office.

Most sincerely,



On Mon, Jan 6, 2020 at 10:08 PM Pat Goodwin wrote:

Overdue Update

Greetings from the Great Beyond…

Let me first apologize that this email is going out to a group of people and therefore is somewhat impersonal.  I wanted to contact each and every one of you individually, but practically speaking this is the best way for me to communicate to those of you I affectionately refer to as the “Campaign Brigade”.  

I want to thank you again for your support in 2019.  In spite of my narrow loss, the experience on the whole was very uplifting.  I met so many new people and hundreds were willing to dedicate their own time and money to a cause in which they believed.  I never felt as if you were supporting me as a person as much as you were supporting the idea of better local government and the practical ways of achieving it.  That’s exactly what I had hoped for – to give people hope that we could put in place a process that could move our community in a positive direction, regardless of who is in office.

Of course I initially took the loss hard, and many of you heard from me that I would never run for office again.  It didn’t take long though, before I realized a couple of important things:

  1.  We changed politics in Vigo County permanently, and for the better.  I proved to be a viable candidate as an independent.  We brought to light issues that never came up in elections previously.  We raised the bar on what a campaign season could and should look like.  Voters, for once, really had the opportunity to know the candidates well, if they so wished.
  2. I didn’t run so that I could BE the mayor.  I ran because I wanted to change my community for the better, and the office of mayor is one conduit to accomplish that.  And though I fell short, I was able to make a difference. Yet there is still so much more to do.

So that led me to the question, “What’s next?”.  I’ve given that a lot of thought over the last two months.  Our family still calls Terre Haute home.  I still desperately want to see our community succeed.  So how do I do my part to make that happen?

Although I do choose to contribute as a private citizen in many ways, in the end I believe serving in an executive position in local government is the best way for me to make a difference.  That is why I ran for Mayor and that is why I have decided to run for County Commissioner as a resident of District 2 this year.  I have a few minor details to get worked out before I publicly announce, but barring unforeseen circumstances, you will see my name on the ballot this fall.

As an independent, I will not officially file for office until late spring, and will not begin campaigning until after that.  But I wanted you all to know, before the general public does, that Marti and I have decided this is the right path for me to take.  You will be hearing from me in the coming months – I will need your help again.  We’ve learned so much from the first experience that I believe we can make the second one a success.  Thank you again, and I look forward to talking to each of you very soon.




On Friday, February 7, 2020, 11:24:50 AM EST, Pat Goodwin wrote:

I filed today to run for Commissioner in the Democratic Primary

I figured I would just get it out of the way in the subject line…

I have made this very difficult decision only after a lot of soul-searching and number crunching.

I am the exact same person, with the same political philosophies, that I was yesterday, and last year, and the years before.  But the political reality in Indiana is that an independent candidate faces an almost impossible challenge in a presidential election year.

With many voters’ eyes on the national election this fall, we can expect that more than 40% of voters will choose a straight party ticket.  When that happens, I can expect that each of my opponents, if I ran as an independent, would receive over 8000 votes, without the box next to their names ever being selected.

I had to ask myself, “Why would you give your opponents an 8000 vote head start, especially in a three way race?”  And I had to admit I had no good answer.

Last year, I voted in the democratic primary.  There were literally no contested races on the republican ballot in my precinct, which made the decision easy. As a result, I am only eligible to run in the democratic primary. I do my civic duty every election, and part of that is determining where my vote can most make a difference.  Yes, I have voted in a republican primary in the past, when I saw an opportunity to support a candidate I believed in who had an opponent.  Unfortunately, all too often there are not competitive races on the Republican side in Vigo County.

My campaigning philosophy will not change significantly.  Local issues do not have partisan solutions.  I will talk about our problems and propose solutions – not as a democrat but as a member of our community, who wants to see our local government work better for our citizens.

A Facebook video will be coming out this afternoon in which I will explain this further. If you are so inclined, please help in steering the comments on the video in a positive direction. 

Thank you for your support in the past, and I look forward to going through another campaign season with all of you.