Local businessman and former Terre Haute City Engineer Pat Goodwin announced his intention to run for Mayor of Terre Haute in November 2019. Goodwin made the announcement at the office of his business, Tractor Tools Direct.

“People are fed up with politics as usual in Terre Haute,” Goodwin said. “Local government needs to change. We’ve all watched as Terre Haute finances have gone down the toilet. We’ve watched politicians routinely hide their actions from the public. Infighting has prevented collaboration. Terre Haute has suffered from a lack of leadership.”

Goodwin said he plans to start his administration in January 2020 focused on three objectives:

  1. Financial Stability – To get city finances back on track without new taxes or fees.

  2. Transparency – Make local government open to its citizens.

  3. Efficiency – Seek and implement opportunities to combine services and use technology to reduce cost and improve services.

Goodwin announced his candidacy more than a year before the official filing date. “Once Marti and I decided I should run I could see no reason to keep it a secret. I’ll need time to get my message out. Over the next two years, I will be speaking and listening to citizens about the best way to move this community forward. I don’t want voters to be surprised when I take office. I want them to know what my vision for Terre Haute is.“

Goodwin further stated that he will not be seeking a nomination from either party. “I will run as an independent. No political party represents my beliefs or can lay claim to the best vision for our future. Many people feel the way I do, that no political party is a good fit for them. Most of us have difficulty even defining what the parties stand for any more. And at the local level, the delivery of services to citizens is non-partisan.”

Goodwin is a lifelong resident of Terre Haute. He is the owner of Tractor Tools Direct, an e-commerce company that sells ag equipment to small farms all over the United States. He married Marti Livengood Goodwin in 1995. They have four children aged 12 to 19.

For more information, visit goodwinforterrehaute.com, on Facebook at Goodwin For Terre Haute, or call (812) 316-5492.