Citizens of Terre Haute,

I love Terre Haute. We have all the ingredients for greatness. We have an ideal geographic location for economic development. We have four institutions of higher education. We have an established arts and culture corridor. We have amenities for outdoor recreation. We have amazing potential. I want to see us reach that potential. That is why I am running for mayor.

Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle to reaching our full potential as a community is apathy. This obstacle is hopelessness. This obstacle is the entrenched idea that it doesn’t matter who you vote for, the results will be the same.

I am here to challenge that notion. I am here with a vision: Terre Haute 2.0. A Terre Haute that looks forward, not backward. A Terre Haute that takes the lessons from the past and uses them to create a better tomorrow. A Terre Haute that creates excitement and energy not only for those living here but for all who visit. A Terre Haute whose energy and excitement will prove to be the perfect antidote to apathy.

A generation from now, I want us all to be able to look back and tell our children or grandchildren: “I remember when it all started. I remember when Terre Haute started to finally turn around for the better. I remember when we decided to be the community we knew we could be, and it was in 2019!”

So, please. Join me. Let’s make this happen!

Pat Goodwin