Thank you for your support of my run for mayor in 2019. I met so many new people, and hundreds were willing to dedicate their time and energy to a cause in which they believed. People truly had hope that we could put a local government in place that could move our community in a positive direction. You supported me, but more importantly, you supported the concept of a government that could better serve you, regardless of who is in office.

In the end, I didn’t run last year so that I could BE the mayor. I ran because I wanted to change my community for the better, and serving as mayor was one way to accomplish that. And although I continue to contribute as a private citizen in many ways, in the end I believe serving in an executive position in local government is the best way for me to make a difference. That is why I ran for Mayor, and that is why I have decided to run for Commissioner.

One more important thing regarding Commissioner districts: every registered voter in the county gets to vote on ALL Commissioner races, regardless of the district. That means if you live anywhere in Vigo County, you will have the opportunity to cast a vote for me.

Pat Goodwin